The Man Child



Age: 28(?)

Height: 6’8"


Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

X appears as an extremely tall, very muscular man with smooth tanned skin and many scars.
Around the back of his neck, wrists, elbows, a large scar down his chest and abdomen, along with other joints and a single shallow scar across his left cheek starting at the jaw going about half way.
His eyes are crystal clear, large, and an almost unnaturally deep blue.
His hair is long, falling between his shoulder blades; it’s always a bit messy unless someone else puts him together. (He is a fan of having his hair in a bun because he can do it himself)
He often looks like his clothes were selected by a toddler who was playing dress up if he has not already stripped himself of some of them; usually he needs to be dressed for the occasion by another member of the party.
He is always seen wearing a single silver ring with an infinity design on it; additionally he almost always has a backpack or bag with him that contains an oversized story book.


X is the tall muscular man that he appears to be in his Mask; however, his body is not covered with scars, instead he is a mannequin whose body has been stitched together with a beautiful golden thread.
His eyes are made from shimmering blue glass orbs that look like they contain a star system design in them.
His hair is made from what appears to be a near white horsehair wig.

Eyes: Galactic Blue

Hair: cream/off white


X is not a people, but he certainly likes them.

X is fascinated by all things people (except clothing which he considers to be deceptive to his true form).

The overly large man-child spent a particularly long and harsh durance in the Arcadian realms; ripped apart and put back together to fill various background roles in plays by Jack and Jill until he is not even sure if he has any of his original parts left. In fact we are quite sure he doesn’t, as he has no memory of a life before the Hedge and Arcadia.

X believes in helping people, but unfortunately, his methods are less than conventional.
Understanding little of the world around him, he approaches problems very directly and is often very open and honest; with one exception. Whenever the history of the book he carries with him at all times comes into play he is likely to feign ignorance of anything, even things witnessed immediately prior to the question (a fact that often aggravates his party mates).
X is very protective of the book for reasons only known to him; but eagerly desires to help the party… or at least that is the general assumption.

Having spent the majority of his current life in silent roles on stage, X does not often display emotion in traditional fashions; although, he does show sparks of reaction and individuality from time to time (being startled, enjoying strange food, declaring independence from the oppression of clothing). More often it is X’s actions that speak for his feelings as he is not frequently communicative in general.

X is a bit of a mystery to the remainder of the party as he seems to have a strange array of abilities ranging from physical strength to a control of glass; however, as someone who has spent the entirety of his life in Arcadia this mystery is none-too-great.

One thing about X is clear though, he learns from watching the world around him and the actions of people.
As a hulking child in a world of darkness, one can only hope he learns the right things.


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