Mortimer Van Morgenstern

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Age: Unknown
Height: 6’2"


Hair: Slicked-back dark brown hair, almost black
Eyes: Icy blue

Mortimer’s gaunt figure and penchant for wearing well-fitted pinstripe suits make him appear even thinner and taller than he already inarguably is. While most see him as a dignified elderly gentleman, there is also a sense of unease that comes with being in his presence. He always acts as dignified as possible, rarely breaking his demeanor except in the most extreme circumstances. Hagatha Jenkins, his partner and local eccentric mage bar owner, is one of the few who can bring out a smile in him.


Hair: Stringy and patchy, greying brown
Eyes: Milky and sunken in

In his true form, Mortimer looks like a corpse halfway through the mummification process. Patches of his skin are missing, and every part of him not directly supported by bone is sunken in. He is capable of taking the form of an opponent’s greatest fear. Because of his position as King of the Autumn Court, there is a constant chill in the air and often dead leaves blowing around his feet.


Mortimer Van Morgenstern, the recently shamed King of the Autumn Court, acts as the head of the Hawthorne Heights changeling hollow as well as the primary intermediary with Rose, of the mages. He has struck deals with her to try and protect the local wayward, but because of her stepping in to help his life become spared in a recent trial for his, albeit accidental, treason to the courts, she has rescinded those arrangements.

Now he is struggling with a new group of changelings to resolve the current emergency involving a special book brought in by them so that he can hopefully have a permanent claim to his freedom and life.

While he is more recently shaken in demeanor while he bears the stress of this endeavor, he is normally quite a refined and intimidating figure in the changeling community.

Mortimer Van Morgenstern

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