Freya Valfreyja

Power is Power


Age: 35
Height: 6’


Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Lavender

She appears as a stern-faced business woman win a sharp-edged and tight-fitted pantsuit with intimidating shoulderpads. Her hair is in a sharp, conservative bob, edging her face with a golden frame of power.


Hair: White
Eyes: Blood Red

In her mein, she is almost always clad in gleaming armor of silver and gold with crimson accents and sun sigils. Her lips and palms look stained with blood and she has quite possibly the most terrifying RBF in the region.


Not much is known of Freya’s durance within the Hedge, just that since she was chosen and crowned by Summer, she has led a ruthless season every year, commanding respect and fear from any who have opposed her strict vision for the court.

Freya Valfreyja

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